the process

A trusting relationship is presupposed for a successful project. In the beginning there must be discussions in order to receive a sense and undestanding for the requirements of the customer. Depending on the extent of the project, realizing the vision is done in collaboration with various professionals

Salon Deluxe in conversation with DI Marion Kapellner

The construction of buildings has far-reaching consequences, so every construction project must be viewed holistically. Respectful dealings with nature and people are immensly important to me.

Revitalizing old structures matters to me a lot.
Very often the benefits of modification and continued use are not recognized and their contribution fort he preservation of nature are ignored. Existing buildings should receive a new purpose, new inner life
for all of us to receive and preserve free space for recreation.
I always take my time to look at the project at a distance, to consider different angles, see it as a whole and in detail.
With this way of working new possibilities arise, according to experience this makes it possible for the customer to let go of open decisions and potential insecurities.
A topic often addressed is the later
reuse of a building in planning.

Here, my approach is pragmatic – we plan and build for the current requirements. High-quality rooms, more precisely the atmosphere which is created in a room by light, material and composition is independent of the current use and function and will remain high-quality.