The revitalization of existing structures is very important to me. Often the qualities of a conversion and further use are not recognized. The existing buildings were to be given new functions and new content. I take the time to look at the place and the existing stock with respect and the necessary expertise. It usually takes a second look and a range of information to recognize the potential of the building and to be able to use it.

“The collaboration with Marion has had a special quality right from the start. We went into our project with a lot of knowledge about our old farmhouse and yet we had the feeling that Marion had also ‘felt’ the house from the beginning. A special gift that was of great importance when dealing with an old stock. Marion has wonderfully transferred our old Hakenhof to our ideas, but still did not forget about its peculiarities – on the contrary – even made them special. An unfavorable access route, too large an area and adjacent old outbuildings, which would have swallowed up a lot of money in the future, unfortunately did not allow us to realize our dream.”